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Personal Information

Your personal information is related to your identity (name, surname, language, date of birth, country, phone, etc.). You can fill them in your account. They are never passed on to other members without your consent. Updating your info is essential. Whether it's your tenant alerts or your owner ads, we place great trust in our members updating their information.

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Your profile allows other members to get to know you better. Tell us what you love: what are the things you could not do without? Share your favorite destinations, books, movies, music, restaurants. Tell us what it is like to have you as a tenant or as an landlord. How do you like to move-in? How do you like to host? Do you have a motto in life?

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Proof of

Show other members you are a real person. We work hard to ensure maximum results and security. We are able to manually check each new profile, its consistency and its credibility. You can upload your identity documents on your personal space on Roomlala.

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Proof of

If you are a landlord, you can upload your proof of address. We are thus able to guarantee to your tenants that your offered accommodation address is correct.

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Connect your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to your Roomlala account. Build your reputation and discover trusted hosts and travelers around the world.

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Mobile Phone

"The number you have dialed is not available". Sounds familiar? Fortunately on Roomlala, there is no risk of dialing a wrong number as they are always verified on our site! We assure you that the person you are trying to reach did not make a typo or provide a wrong number for effective communication!