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Finding a Room in Exchange for Language Classes

Finding a Room in Exchange for Language Classes

Accommodation | Accommodation in Exchange for Services | 03/25/15

Accommodation in exchange for work doesn’t always have to be about cleaning floors or chasing after children. One type of this popular housing system is to exchange accommodation for language lessons. The benefits of staying in accommodation like this are plentiful, so let’s explore them!

For International Students Looking for a Room

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and it’s also the most dominant in business and other markets, so this means that people all over the world have a desire to learn English fluently. Now there is a way to take advantage of that demand and be able to achieve your dreams of travelling or studying abroad at a reduced price!

Students, being the resourceful money-savers that they are, have been favouring accommodation in exchange for work in order to find a cheaper accommodation for quite some time. And more than ever at the moment, with housing prices being so high, they are leaning towards finding ways, such as this, to cut costs when studying.

The Advantages

It’s well known that teaching a language in the conventional manner is not always the most effective, and as a result many people don't manage to speak a language with as much fluency as they would like to. By housing a student, landlords have the ability to immerse themselves in a language, and even offer the opportunity for their children to learn a word or two as well!

The tenant gets to benefit from a reduced priced room that is much nicer than what they could otherwise afford, plus the opportunity to make friends along the way!

This solution is ideal as it means you get to help someone achieve their dream of developing proficiency in another language. No matter where you travel there will always be people interested in having you teach them your language.

When Your Teacher is a Tenant

As with any landlord, it is imperative that you establish a contract with them even though they may be your student. You want this to be done so that you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your rental and so that neither of you are getting taken advantage of.

First, the contract needs to mention the type of living space: where you will be allowed access, what the size of the room is, etc. Secondly, you will need to dictate the amount of time spent doing work each week. A general consensus is that ten to fifteen hours per week is normal.

Finally, you must decide what type of lessons will be part of agreement, what goals will be accomplished and how they will be accomplished. This ensures that the terms are clear and that nothing goes wrong.

Now that you’ve made up your mind, all that’s left to do is find a tenant on Roomlala!

Author: Roomlala

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