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Why Choose the Collaborative Economy?

Why Choose the Collaborative Economy?

News | Collaborative consumption | 01/21/15

The collaborative economy is a new form of marketplace that is based on the sharing and exchange of goods, services, and information between individuals. When you enter, you will discover many benefits, but also enter a global community.

Collaborative consumption: The Human Side

In exchange for services and goods, for example sharing a car as one does when using Lyft, one will meet new people who can open doors to a different universe. In this way, one can, in this new sharing economy, boost others spirits by taking part in the exchange of goods. Those who take part in the collaborative economy profit from the ability to offer those who desire a service or good to exchange it for something that they are also lacking.

Collaborative Consumption and Economies

Renting a holiday accommodation directly from the owner is a great way to travel without breaking the bank. One can save money, even while staying in a great location. Then, you can even open up your travel experience by finding someone who is also sharing their car. The collaborative economy is vast. It stretches from the exchange of clothing (with ThreadUP) and products of all kinds (NeighborGoods), to loans (Lending Club), even services (TaskRabbit) The sharing economy has so many facets that make it possible to enjoy many different goods and services at lower costs.

It’s an Economy of Sharing and Ecological Awareness

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are words we are constantly reminded of and sharing, lending, and exchanging goods helps to achieve this. The sharing economy is more ecologically responsible. One will throw less away when it is no longer needed if they simply allow others to use it. Now, not only you and another person profit from this new economy, but the planet does too! At the end of the day, you enrich your relationships, build new ones, improve your own financial well being and make the world a cleaner, better place. Why not give it a try?

Lodgings: It’s Our Sector

At the moment, Roomlala wants to offer every kind of alternative accommodation: rooms in the owner’s home, accommodations in exchange for work, flatshares and more. Since 2008, when housing markets all over the world started to worsen, we have become the symbols of resourcefulness. Roomlala has innovated the housing sector and started a trend of sharing spaces between individuals. We've listed ten reasons to offer accommodation on Roomlala. Now, you no longer have a reason to hesitate!

The Economy of Sharing is Spreading

It is impossible to create a comprehensive list of sites that take part in the collaborative economy; the market is growing every day. From transport (such as BlaBlaCar), to travel, and project financing (Kickstarter), almost all sectors see this new economy emerging. The test is simple: if you see a service offered by an individual outside traditional means of distribution, you are looking at collaborative consumption. And if you cannot find the thing you are looking for, maybe it is time for you to create your own sector! How does that sound?

Collaborative Consumption in the UK

Collaborative Consumption in the UK

News | Collaborative consumption | 03/18/15

Commerce in the collaborative economy (also known as the sharing economy) has a stake of about £20 billion of the global economy and continues to quickly grow each year. The United Kingdom shows determination to become the country that is at the forefront of this business model and is even working to develop new sectors to expand the sharing economy in to and compete with the United States, which is currently at the forefront in developing new business models for the sharing economy (ie. Lyft, L...

Collaborative Insurance

Collaborative Consumption: Collaborative Insurance

News | Collaborative consumption | 05/13/15

Over the last few years, the sharing economy has grown rapidly. There are now all different forms of sectors in the sharing economy, there is house sharing, loans, carpooling, and even the rental of tools. But now, there is even a sector for insurance. What is a Collaborative Insurance? Collaborative insurance is meant to exist alongside your traditional insurance. It exists for when your insurance does not cover the problem you experience. The insurance is then meant to pay for accidental...