What to Do in London in 3 Days

Published 01/12/18 | Travel | Europe

London is a city known for its history, its fashion, and its culture. It's a vibrant city that is packed with historic monuments, lovely parks and lively pubs which create a unique British charm. If you're lucky enough to be visiting this beautiful...

What to Do in Berlin in 3 Days

Published 10/23/17 | Travel | Europe

Berlin, the German capital, located in the northeast of the country, is a city full of charm with its mix of both historical and modern landmarks and attractions. Berlin has reinvented itself, now becoming the epicentre of new musical trends and...

What to do in Prague in 3 days

Published 09/28/17 | Travel | Europe

Prague is a beautiful city, with a rich history as well as being the most well-preserved from the Second World War. With so much culture, lots of expanisve parks, a vibrant night life and history, it is a city that can’t not be adored by all those...

What to do in Milan in 3 days

Published 09/11/17 | Travel | Europe

The football and fashion capital, Milan is a city full of history and undeniable charm. When on holiday in Italy, it is definitely worth having a 3-day stay in this major city in the north of the country. What to do there? Find out here! First...

See the sights on NYC

What to do in New York in 3 days

Published 08/25/17 | Travel | Europe

New York, the Big Apple, the most cosmopolitan city on the planet... you’re never lacking in words to describe this megalopolis, and centre of world tourism. A trip to New York is a wonderful way to discover this enriching, cultural melting pot...

Visit Brighton in 3 days

What to do in Brighton in 3 days

Published 08/14/17 | Travel | Europe

Brighton truly embodies the traditional English seaside, and what better way to experience this than to visit Brighton in 3 days and explore all its wonders. Just over an hour south of London, this seaside town is easily accessible and has so much...

Visit Venice in 3 days

What to do in Venice in 3 days

Published 08/04/17 | Travel | Europe

Visiting Venice will allow you to discover this extraordinary city, with a unique charm. Travelling only by water taxi through it's canals, you’ll discover the romantic scenery that surrounds you on this trip. Roomlala has planned a tailor-made...

Cheap European summer destinations

The 5 cheapest summer holiday destinations in Europe

Published 07/12/17 | Travel | Europe

After our article ‘Top 5 European destinations this summer’, here’s some ideas if your budget is a little tighter. A recent study by uncovered the best places to go on holiday in Europe at the lowest cost. With a daily...

What to do in Barcelona in 3 days

Published 06/26/17 | Travel | Europe

Barcelona’s festive and warm atmosphere, the city’s rich history and the beautiful architecture influenced by Gaudi all make it a favourite destination for tourists. A short stay of a few days in Barcelona is enough to visit the Catalan capital...

What to do in Budapest in 3 days

Published 06/12/17 | Travel | Europe

Over 1,000 years of history awaits you in Budapest, the exciting capital of Hungary. A visit to this city rich in cultural history is a great experience, but it’s worthwhile preparing your trip before you go to make the best of this fantastic...

Top 5 summer destinations in the UK

Published 05/31/17 | Travel | Europe

Already dreaming of your summer break with your mates, your kids or your significant other? You don’t have to jet off abroad to find a great holiday destination – there’s a ton of great places to spend a week or weekend right here on our very...

What to do in Dublin in 3 Days

Published 05/22/17 | Travel | Europe

A trip to Dublin is the perfect way to immerse yourself in true Irish culture. Music, friendliness, and greyhound racing are some of the many Irish traditions to discover. With a few museum visits in between, you will be spellbound by your three day...

What to do in Lisbon in 3 Days

Published 05/15/17 | Travel | Europe

Lisbon never sleeps! You can find an open bar or shop at any time, day or night, which will welcome you in with open arms. The vast number of monuments and attractions to discover makes for a fantastic short break in Portugal’s finest city. Not...

What to do in Madrid in 3 days

Published 05/08/17 | Travel | Europe

Only 2 and half hours away from London by plane, Madrid is an attractive option for many UK holidaymakers. A visit to the Spanish capital will introduce you to a world of gastronomy, vibrancy, culture and fascinating museums. A 3 day stay in Madrid...

What to do in Stockholm in 3 days

Published 05/01/17 | Travel | Europe

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a city at once modern and ancient, natural and designed. Stockholm is sure to give you a change of scenery wherever you come from. Under 3 hours from London, the city – which comprises fourteen islands – is a...

What to do in Grenada in 3 days

Published 04/17/17 | Travel | Europe

Grenada and the Alhambra are part of one of the most historically exciting regions in Europe. Aside from the culture and history, the magnificent landscapes around the city are enough to attract a huge number of visitors each year. Roomlala has...

Top 5 European destinations this summer

Published 03/27/17 | Travel | Europe

Looking to banish the blues with dreams of your summer adventures and thinking of heading to Europe? Roomlala has come up with a list of the top 5 destinations that you should consider this year if you want to discover something new and...

What to do in Edinburgh in 3 days

Published 03/24/17 | Travel | Europe

A 3 day break in Edinburgh is just enough time to explore and discover the Scottish capital. Edinburgh is both a modern city and an ancient one – making it a perfect stop for a weekend break! Roomlala has drawn up a quick itinerary to make sure...

What to do in Brussels in 3 Days

Published 03/01/17 | Travel | Europe

The city of Brussels is full of places to go and things to do. 3 days is the perfect time to discover the Belgian capital, experience its unique dynamism and try some of its culinary delights. Roomlala has prepared a quick run-down of the key things...

What to do in Amsterdam in 3 Days

Published 02/15/17 | Travel | Europe

A 3 day break in Amsterdam is ideal to visit and get to know the Dutch capital. Full of charm, the city will delight you with its canals, its vast array of museums and its vibrant nightlife. Roomlala has drawn up a quick itinerary to make sure you...

What to Do in Manchester in 3 Days

Published 02/01/17 | Travel | Europe

Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams, is a mythical destination for sports fans, and Manchester is well known for its two world-class football teams. But aside from the exploits of the Red Devils, the city has much to offer and is worth a long...

Prepare for Your Holidays: Alsace

Published 01/27/17 | Travel | Europe

Feel like you need a change of scenery? Are the sunny beaches of Southern France too boring for you? Why not ditch the beaches and head for Alsace? This region, famous for its beer and wine, is packed with beautiful scenery and fun things to do...

Prepare for Your Holidays: Mont Blanc

Published 12/16/16 | Travel | Europe

Do you feel like you need a change of scenery? Want to head off to the highest peak in Europe? Then head to Mont Blanc! This snow-lovers paradise makes for an unforgettable holiday! Discover what there is to do and where to find...

What to Do in Budapest in 3 Days

Published 11/23/16 | Travel | Europe

More than 1000 years of history await you in Budapest, the majestic Hungarian capital. Taking the time to visit this city, rich with world heritage sites, can be a great experience as long as you are well-prepared for your trip. Roomlala has created...

Prepare for Your Holidays: The Alps

Published 11/14/16 | Travel | Europe

Have you got a sudden urge to escape your boring everyday life and go on an adventure? Want to climb to one of the highest peaks in Europe? Then take a journey to the Alps! What to do in the Alps? If you're looking for a holiday in the snow...

Visiting the French Riviera

Published 06/03/15 | Travel | Europe

Going on holiday is normally synonymous with sunshine and relaxation, but organizing a getaway can be anything but that. That is why we have decided to give you a hand and help you plan your trip to the French Riviera. Here are some ways to explore...

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