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Siena : 13 Furnished rentals and furnished apartments

Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194426-2Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194426-3Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194426-4Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194426-5Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194426-6Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194426-7Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194426-8

Villa Sofia Spa Jacuzzi

Entire place | House | 120 M2

4 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Air conditioner | Internet
C$ 5666 / month
Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-2Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-3Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-4Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-5Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-6Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-7Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-8Entire Place Lecchi In Chianti 194461-9

Villa Sofia Eden E Pool

Entire place | Flat | 130 M2

4 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Television | Air conditioner | Internet
C$ 5930 / month
Entire Place Undefined 193216-2Entire Place Undefined 193216-3Entire Place Undefined 193216-4Entire Place Undefined 193216-5Entire Place Undefined 193216-6Entire Place Undefined 193216-7Entire Place Undefined 193216-8Entire Place Undefined 193216-9Entire Place Undefined 193216-10Entire Place Undefined 193216-11Entire Place Undefined 193216-12Entire Place Undefined 193216-13

Alloggio In Campagna A San Gimignano. "podere Il Caggio"

Entire place | Flat | 105 M2

6 people | 3 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
C$ 2767 / month
Entire Place Agazzi 230423-2Entire Place Agazzi 230423-3Entire Place Agazzi 230423-4Entire Place Agazzi 230423-5Entire Place Agazzi 230423-6Entire Place Agazzi 230423-7Entire Place Agazzi 230423-8Entire Place Agazzi 230423-9Entire Place Agazzi 230423-10Entire Place Agazzi 230423-11

Casa Agazzi

Entire place | House

4 people | 4 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Television | Air conditioner | Heating | Wardrobe / Dresser | Internet
C$ 2635 / month
Entire Place Casole 174621-2Entire Place Casole 174621-3Entire Place Casole 174621-4Entire Place Casole 174621-5Entire Place Casole 174621-6Entire Place Casole 174621-7Entire Place Casole 174621-8Entire Place Casole 174621-9Entire Place Casole 174621-10Entire Place Casole 174621-11Entire Place Casole 174621-12Entire Place Casole 174621-13

Chianti La Tua Casa

Entire place | Flat

2 people | 1 bedrooms)
C$ 1713 / month
Entire Place Toscana 156568-2Entire Place Toscana 156568-3Entire Place Toscana 156568-4Entire Place Toscana 156568-5Entire Place Toscana 156568-6Entire Place Toscana 156568-7Entire Place Toscana 156568-8Entire Place Toscana 156568-9

Casa Vacanze Relax And Well

Entire place | House

8 people | 3 bedrooms)
C$ 3953 / month
Entire Place Arezzo 164446-2Entire Place Arezzo 164446-3Entire Place Arezzo 164446-4Entire Place Arezzo 164446-5Entire Place Arezzo 164446-6Entire Place Arezzo 164446-7Entire Place Arezzo 164446-8Entire Place Arezzo 164446-9Entire Place Arezzo 164446-10Entire Place Arezzo 164446-11Entire Place Arezzo 164446-12Entire Place Arezzo 164446-13

Appartamento Nel Centro Storico (arezzo)

Entire place | Flat

2 people | 1 bedrooms)
C$ 1581 / month
Entire Place Poggibonsi 71424-2Entire Place Poggibonsi 71424-3Entire Place Poggibonsi 71424-4Entire Place Poggibonsi 71424-5

Podere Val Di Gallo

Entire place | Flat

4 people | 2 bedrooms)
C$ 2502 / month
Entire Place Pari 193576-2Entire Place Pari 193576-3Entire Place Pari 193576-4Entire Place Pari 193576-5Entire Place Pari 193576-6Entire Place Pari 193576-7Entire Place Pari 193576-8Entire Place Pari 193576-9Entire Place Pari 193576-10Entire Place Pari 193576-11Entire Place Pari 193576-12Entire Place Pari 193576-13

Poggio Alla Rocca - Sughera

Entire place | Other

6 people | 1 bedrooms)
C$ 11859 / month
Entire Place Pari 193577-2Entire Place Pari 193577-3Entire Place Pari 193577-4Entire Place Pari 193577-5Entire Place Pari 193577-6Entire Place Pari 193577-7Entire Place Pari 193577-8Entire Place Pari 193577-9Entire Place Pari 193577-10Entire Place Pari 193577-11Entire Place Pari 193577-12Entire Place Pari 193577-13

Poggio Alla Rocca - Alba

Entire place | Other

2 people | 1 bedrooms)
C$ 5534 / month
Entire Place Pari 193578-2Entire Place Pari 193578-3Entire Place Pari 193578-4Entire Place Pari 193578-5Entire Place Pari 193578-6Entire Place Pari 193578-7Entire Place Pari 193578-8Entire Place Pari 193578-9Entire Place Pari 193578-10Entire Place Pari 193578-11Entire Place Pari 193578-12Entire Place Pari 193578-13

Poggio Alla Rocca - Ginestra

Entire place | Other

3 people | 1 bedrooms)
C$ 7906 / month
Entire Place Pari 193579-2Entire Place Pari 193579-3Entire Place Pari 193579-4Entire Place Pari 193579-5Entire Place Pari 193579-6Entire Place Pari 193579-7Entire Place Pari 193579-8Entire Place Pari 193579-9Entire Place Pari 193579-10Entire Place Pari 193579-11Entire Place Pari 193579-12Entire Place Pari 193579-13

Poggio Alla Rocca - Corbezzolo

Entire place | Other

3 people | 1 bedrooms)
C$ 7906 / month
Entire Place Monticiano 24250-2Entire Place Monticiano 24250-3Entire Place Monticiano 24250-4Entire Place Monticiano 24250-5Entire Place Monticiano 24250-6Entire Place Monticiano 24250-7Entire Place Monticiano 24250-8Entire Place Monticiano 24250-9Entire Place Monticiano 24250-10Entire Place Monticiano 24250-11Entire Place Monticiano 24250-12Entire Place Monticiano 24250-13

Appartement à Louer

Entire place | Other

5 people | 1 bedrooms)
C$ 1581 / month