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Downtown Commercial : 16 homestays for rent

Entire Place Calgary 255203-1Entire Place Calgary 255203-2

Looking For Roomates To Share An Apartment

Calgary (19057) | Entire place | 6 M2

4 pers. | 2 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

C$ 1400 / month
Private Room Calgary 114871-1Private Room Calgary 114871-2Private Room Calgary 114871-3Private Room Calgary 114871-4

Cosy Home Away From Home

Calgary (T2T 5A9) | Private room

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 1179 / month
Private Room Calgary 109304-1Private Room Calgary 109304-2Private Room Calgary 109304-3

Room For Rent

Calgary (T3E 3H3) | Private room

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 700 / month
Private Room Calgary 263864-1Private Room Calgary 263864-2Private Room Calgary 263864-3Private Room Calgary 263864-4Private Room Calgary 263864-5Private Room Calgary 263864-6Private Room Calgary 263864-7Private Room Calgary 263864-8Private Room Calgary 263864-9

Tiny But Cozy Room

Calgary (T3J 1G2) | Private room | 182 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

A japanese style room is ready for your accomodation needs. The room's concept is "tiny but cozy." A simple room with firm mattress (no bed frame),provided with fresh and cleaned linens. Common areas like kitchen, washroom and laundry is shared with one quiet and respectful male student. The room is located in the basement, separate walk out entrance from home owner. 18 mins from Airport, 8 mins walk to bus stops, 8 mins drive/bus to saddletowne ctrain station.

C$ 699 / month
Entire Place Calgary 255192-1Entire Place Calgary 255192-2Entire Place Calgary 255192-3Entire Place Calgary 255192-4Entire Place Calgary 255192-5Entire Place Calgary 255192-6

Non Smoking Female To Share 1050 Sqft Condo

Calgary (T2B 3J8) | Entire place | 1050 SQFT

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 single bed(s)

C$ 1203 / month
Private Room Calgary 193025-1Private Room Calgary 193025-2Private Room Calgary 193025-3Private Room Calgary 193025-4Private Room Calgary 193025-5

Quiet And Clean Post Graduate Student

Calgary (T3A 1M8) | Private room

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

C$ 600 / month
Private Room Calgary 121866-1Private Room Calgary 121866-2Private Room Calgary 121866-3Private Room Calgary 121866-4

Shared Accomodation For Rent In Glamorga

Calgary | Private room

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 850 / month
Private Room Calgary 103822-1Private Room Calgary 103822-2

Working In Calgary

Calgary (T2V 3H1) | Private room

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 650 / month
Private Room Calgary 116254-1Private Room Calgary 116254-2Private Room Calgary 116254-3Private Room Calgary 116254-4

Executive Townhome Shared Rental

Calgary | Private room

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 1348 / month
Private Room Calgary 119407-1Private Room Calgary 119407-2Private Room Calgary 119407-3

Canyon Meadows Rooms For Rent

Calgary | Private room

3 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 800 / month
Private Room Calgary 232966-1Private Room Calgary 232966-2Private Room Calgary 232966-3Private Room Calgary 232966-4Private Room Calgary 232966-5Private Room Calgary 232966-6

Manor By The Park

Calgary (T3R 1J4) | Private room

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

C$ 2400 / month
Private Room Chestermere 119120-1Private Room Chestermere 119120-2Private Room Chestermere 119120-3Private Room Chestermere 119120-4Private Room Chestermere 119120-5Private Room Chestermere 119120-6Private Room Chestermere 119120-7Private Room Chestermere 119120-8Private Room Chestermere 119120-9Private Room Chestermere 119120-10Private Room Chestermere 119120-11Private Room Chestermere 119120-12

Lakefront With Dock, Garage, 5 Bathrooms

Chestermere | Private room

3 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 1400 / month
Private Room High River 192524-1Private Room High River 192524-2Private Room High River 192524-3Private Room High River 192524-4Private Room High River 192524-5Private Room High River 192524-6Private Room High River 192524-7Private Room High River 192524-8Private Room High River 192524-9Private Room High River 192524-10Private Room High River 192524-11Private Room High River 192524-12

Executive Oasis To Share In High River

High River (T1V 1G4) | Private room | 196 SQFT

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

C$ 1300 / month
Private Room Lethbridge 132461-1Private Room Lethbridge 132461-2Private Room Lethbridge 132461-3Private Room Lethbridge 132461-4

Room To Rent For The Summer Or Winter

Lethbridge | Private room

2 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 900 / month
Private Room Edmonton 96769-1Private Room Edmonton 96769-2Private Room Edmonton 96769-3Private Room Edmonton 96769-4

Couple Seeking Student Roomate

Edmonton (T6R 0G3) | Private room

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 800 / month
Private Room Edmonton 113872-1Private Room Edmonton 113872-2Private Room Edmonton 113872-3Private Room Edmonton 113872-4

2 Rooms For Rent

Edmonton (T6T 0S7) | Private room

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

C$ 900 / month